About SaiDoe

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My name is SaiDoe, you can call me SAI. I am a Graphic Designer, holding a Bachelor Degree in VisualCommunication at Raffles Design Institute Bangkok(2011). I have 2 years freelance experience in :
-Graphic Design > Brand Identity/ Stationary / Posters / Advertising
-Photography > Fashion Portrait / Professional Retouching /
Wedding,Graduation / still life Photography.

-I’ve taken my 3 months internship in www.Com-Mar.com Design & Marketing Studio in Bangkok, 2010.

I am an Eco friendly Person, I am well Organized, good personality, clean, Patience, results oriented and highly flexible, General Managing things, Hard working and Passionate about what I m doing. With all my experiences, i believe myself that i could learning new experiences and work creativity in a Creative Industry.

I have knowledge and expertise in:
-Adobe Photoshop for 5 years. -Adobe Lightroom in 2 years
-Illustrator in 2 years.
-In Design in a year.
-Cinema4D in half a year.

I Can Speak and write in Myanmar, English.
Can communicate in Thai abit.

A Short History about me:

I m really Passionate about Design and Creative Design surrounding me. I am in Specialized in Branding, Logo Identity, Print Design, Packaging, Advertising, Photo Retouching and More.

In April 2008, I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, and studied at Raffles International College Majoring in Visual Communication Design. In 2nd year in Advance Diploma, I had a chance to Work(Internship) for 3months at Com-mar Design Studio in Bangkok. It was an honor to work at such talent in office & a privilege to have the opportunity to work with some of the Big Brand… Central Company, AP property, Super Sport etc.

Published works/Experiences:

I Respect my Works and my Clients, really appreciate that i have a chance to working with them. Here are my Clients or my published works.

PMTK Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in 2010

MAI (Myanmar Aluminium Industry) Co.,Ltd. in 2012

WoneVann Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in 2012

OTS (online tailor store) in 2010


2 thoughts on “About SaiDoe

  1. aye par aung myinyin nga ko mamae nae?
    koko ko pyaw like mae

  2. Hsaithiha says:

    Sai doe, who is from Taunggyi, I met him via gTalk since 2008, but never in the flash. 😉 I’m really envy on his life long studies. Though he is young but much in Good Artificial Talent and Design Knowledge. He is a person not only has good manner, cooperating with colleagues, work hard also good personalities. Cheers Aik Naung…

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